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Built in 1886 by, and for, the descendants of Richard and Mary Lloyd-Jones, Unity Chapel is a living testament to the simple and contemplative lives our ancestors created for themselves in the New World


Margaret Lloyd-Jones

January 13, 1895 - January 11, 1914

The third born child of Richard and Mallie Lloyd-Jones

Margaret Lloyd-Jones Evans Jones January 13, 1835-January 11, 1914

The picture on the obituary page is very poignant. A young woman, dark hair pulled into a low bun at the neck, sits quietly with her two young sons, eyes gazing with serene confidence at the photographer before her. She is Margaret Lloyd-Jones, firstborn daughter of Mallie and Richard, who came with excitement to the New World Wales, only to see her first her two sons, precede her in death.

And yet Margaret was never, any account, a bitter woman. Rather, she was " Aunt Margaret the Peace-maker". Gentle. Reasoning. The voice of calm in the midst of Jones turbulence.

Born January 13th, 1835 in Llandyssul, Wales and named for Richard's remarkable mother Margaret Enoch (Jones), our Margaret would have been nearly nine when the tears and embraces of friends and relatives sent the small family off to its future.

One can well imagine that the growing Margaret was the prime distaff helper to Mallie, "the little mother", who had exchanged the familiar hills and valleys, language and loving friends of Wales for life as a pioneer wife and mother. Certainly, Mallie's lifelong love of the beautiful was echoed by her daughter. We are told Mallie gathered flower seeds from her native Wales to beautify her unknown American home. Aunt Margaret's homes, even in the most unlikely soils, blazed with native flowers and carefully tended herbs, a colorful splash of beauty that eased the heart and elevated the spirit.

We know little of Margaret's first marriage. Her husband, Thomas Evans, was a Spring Green man and the young couple lived in Old Helena before settling at York, Fillmore county near the Iowa line of Minnesota. There they lived the life of true pioneers, there their two sons, Orren and Charles, were born, and there Thomas Evans died, leaving Margaret a young widow with two small sons to care for.

By this time the Lloyd-Joneses had placed their mark on "the V alley" and it was to that refuge that Margaret returned.

In 1873 the second "Jones" of her name appeared as she married Thomas Jones of Arena, a widower with growing daughters .As there was already a "Thomas" in the Lloyd- Jones family, her new husband was dubbed "Uncle Jones", and descendants of his line live in Arena to this day, always " welcome "connections and additions to the lines from Richard and Mallie.

This union with Uncle Jones led to one of (Margaret's sister) Aunt Jennie's favorite riddles: "My eldest sister is my youngest brother's mother-in-law". Enos Lloyd-Jones, the youngest of the clan, was married to Eleanor, the eldest daughter of Uncle Jones.

Tragedy struck Margaret again when 23 year old Charlie Evans, her youngest (1860- 1883), drowned trying to rescue a companion who had fallen through the ice of Lake Pepin. One saw written in the snow the two sets of footprints, the abrupt hole in the ice, the garments (Charlie's) thrown off by the would- be-rescuer, the sad, unmarked emptiness surrounding the site thereafter.

Only three years later, Margaret's 28-year-old son (1858 -1886), Orren Evans, succumbed to throat cancer, leaving a wife, Sarah Lavinia Sims, and a five-month-old daughter, Orrena, who lived her life as a librarian and died unwed.

Thus, with Orren' s death, the Margaret line ended.

When "Uncle Jones" passed away in 1892, Margaret and her widowed step-daughter Annie Jones Williams built a cottage on an acre of Enos' land opposite Hillside. That charming gambrel-roofed cottage remains for all to see and is the focus of Mary Jane Hamilton's current research Bunny Cussler (Enos line) believes that the home did not originally have an indoor bathroom. Does anyone else remember? The photo above was taken before the porch was enclosed. Mary Jane is anxious to discover more details of the original floor plan and furnishings. A 1910 census shows a Thomas L. Jones listed as a grandson living with the women. He would not have been a grandson of Margaret's but could have been a grandson from "Uncle Jones"' side. Or perhaps the census taker was merely sloppy, (it happened). Boarders for Hillside Home School often overflowed into nearby family homes and a likely young lad might have been helpful to the older ladies with chores, snow shoveling and the like. Does anyone have an idea who Thomas L. might have been?

The Aunt Margaret of Maginel Wright Barney's memory lived a peaceful life after the turmoil of her losses. As she became older, her thick Welsh accent developed a quaver and her hands were palsied, but she appeared elegant in the simplest garments and her voice of reason and peace was heard with appreciation, if not always attention.

January 11, 1914, two days shy of her 79th birthday, Margaret Lloyd- Jones Evans Jones closed her eyes and her once-promising line came to an end. The obituary published in the Home News of January 22, 1911 said: "Mrs. Jones was one of the world's quiet personalities of sober judgment and keen human sympathies. She lived in and for the community and gave to its life her best effort. Her two sons died in early manhood but her loss only broadened her sympathy and love for all those with whom she came in contact. Until failing strength prevented she was always active in the social and charitable activities of the community, and to the end of her life kept the supervision of the services in the family chapel."